Understanding and managing your financials is one of the most important keys to success. However, the cost of hiring an accountant can be a difficult expense to absorb. Yet, you need someone with the right experience and knowledge to help you manage and navigate through these processes that can often be difficult and complex.

You need something more than a bookkeeper: you need a Small Business Accounting Liaison and/or a Small Business Accounting Expert.

With complex corporate financials, I can act on your behalf as your Small Business Accounting Liaison, helping to enable your accountant to be as efficient and effective as possible by providing them with financial data that meets or exceeds their expectations and working as the intermediary between your company and them.

Or, for smaller business entities, I am able to act as your one-stop Small Business Accountant, providing full service bookkeeping and accounting up to the completion and filing of your corporate tax return.


  • Provide bookkeeping, accounting and tax knowledge
  • Research tax questions and provide insight into tax matters that allows more knowledgeable discussions with accountant at year-end
  • Liaise with accountant at year-end to provide concise data resulting in a year-end review that is less time consuming and less expensive


  • Digital books and records management
  • Manual books and records to digital conversion
  • Provide HST, WCB, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable information


  • Monthly and/or quarterly comparative financial statements preparation
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Income Tax year-end reporting
  • Financial data analysis to improve profitability


  • Corporate Income Tax Return preparation


  • Review and analyze current and prior year tax returns to ensure that all eligible deductions have been claimed


  • Quarterly and/or annual GST Return preparation
  • Provide technical advice for special areas of GST:
    • Trucking- interlining
    • Real Property transactions
    • Zero-rated and exempt transactions
    • New Housing Rebate
    • Real Estate Rentals – taxable or exempt