As a former CRA employee in both Client Services and Audit for more than 20 years, as well as twelve years in private practice, I have learned that a strong relationship with my clients is necessary in order to provide exceptional service.

I work hard to develop a deep relationship with my clients in order to fully understand both your business goals and personal goals, allowing me to provide the proper guidance and keep your best interests at heart.

As your Small Business Accounting Liason, I will work tirelessly on your behalf, acting as the intermediary between your business and your accountant, providing you with the proper guidance and enabling your accountant to be as efficient as possible.

Or, for smaller business entities, I can be your full service Small Business Accounting Expert, taking care of all your accounting needs from bookkeeping through to corporate tax filing.

My firm will strive to gather the proper financial data effectively and efficiently in order to best formulate a strategy to achieve your desired results.

Financial Data: more than a bookkeeper.